"Mr. Hiatt mediated an employment dispute in which I represented a party. I do not lavish praise often, but am known to do so when it is warranted. Resolution of this case could not have been accomplished but for Mr. Hiatt’s dedicated work and skillful maneuvers through an ever present and oft changing minefield.”

Rodney Bridgers


"We have used Mr. Jerry Hiatt as a mediator on a number of very complex litigation matters. He brings great skills to the process and has been highly effective as a mediator because of his intelligence, perseverance, dedication, thoughtfulness, and innovation in developing creative solutions. He has succeeded in bringing resolution to matters where the likelihood of a mediated settlement appeared remote at best. I recommend him highly as a mediator."

Peter Starn

Starn O'toole Marcus & Fisher


"Dear Keith,


Just a short note to make you aware of the outstanding work provided by Jerry Hiatt, to myself, Glenn Uesugi and our four (4) Plaintiffs.


In my opinion, the foundation for a successful mediation is 1) a willingness of the parties to fairly participate in resolving the issues; 2) the respect the parties have for the mediator; and 3) the hard work and diligence in bringing the parties to get there.


Jerry Hiatt was outstanding! He was extremely well prepared, certainly knew the relevant issues, and had the complete respect by everyone involved.


The mediation went as well as could by expected. All cases resolved and we couldn't have been better served.

I hope you will share this with Jerry.


Very truly yours,

Michael J. Green"

Letter to Keith W Hunter, President &/CEO of DPR


"Dear Mr. Hiatt,


I want to thank you very much for the remarkable mediation proceedings that you presided over in the above-indicated matter.


It is obvious that you, after going over the facts, the applicable law and observing not only the strengths and weaknesses in each side's case, with your vast experience, that you had the foresight on what analysis you should bring to the table to achieve the Mediation Agreement that was achieved.


I have met very few people iny lifetime that can so quickly grasp not only the issues, but can see a road to follow in achieving a desired objective.


You did all of the above, and I can only thank you very much for that."

Letter from Robert Kanovitz

Successor Trustee, Salm Trust



"I've litigated against Jerry for decades. You know how resourceful he can be. He effectively represented me once, quite awhile ago. I just used him for the first time as a mediator in an employment law case, with David Simons on the other side. Jerry is a expert in the subject, having represented employees and employers for years. He quickly learned the facts of the case, carefully listened to our concerns, answered everything we had to say, provided his impartial analysis and made useful suggestions to help settle the difficult case. Based on his performance, I will certainly consider choosing him to mediate future cases, and recommend that you do the same.”

Jeff Harris



"I have had several mediations with Jerry Hiatt, often because he was suggested by Defense counsel. Jerry was successful in getting settlements in those cases because he is an experienced litigator, who can and does give both sides an educated view of the upsides and downsides of their case. He also has a deep understanding of how the mediation process works and knows how and when to move a case forward to resolution.”

David Simons


"Thank you for mediating our dispute. Your straightforwardness, particularly about your own agenda to settle, made it easier for me to trust the process and focus on practical decisions. I came away feeling satisfied that under the circumstances we reached the best possible outcome and I felt more complete about the whole experience than I anticipated. Also, thanks for validating my endeavor to be honest and fair which is important to me personally. "

James, November 19, 2015


"My clients recently retained Mr. Hiatt to serve as a mediator in an unusual case involving a death of a therapy dog while kenneled. This case received both local and national news coverage. Mr. Hiatt was instrumental in getting the kennel owners to settle and I highly recommend Mr. Hiatt for his professionalism, expertise and patience in working with clients to resolve both comlex and simple disputes."

Carlos Perez-Mesa

Clay Champman Iwamura Pulice & Nervell, Honolulu, Hawaii


"This is one that could still have gone way off track if we got bogged down in the emotions and all of the entanglements. You kept us on track. I would not have given this mediation high hopes. So, it was a super result and we still have our work cut out. Many thanks for all you have done."

Terry O'Toole


"I have found the competence of the mediator is key. I view a mediator as a leader in pointing the way to the exit for the participants. You really have to be a smart and intuitive person to be able to do that. Most try to bully the parties along; this does not work for experienced lawyers. Thank you for your skills."

Vernon Y.T. Woo, Esq.


“Hiatt and Hiatt have been our “go to” solution for labor and employment law services for well over a decade. We continue to be thoroughly satisfied with the quality and effectiveness of their legal counsel.”
Scott Head
Vice-President of Resort Operations
Waikoloa Land Co.


"I was able to use Mr. Jerry Hiatt for two cases in which he represented me with the up most professionalism yet very caring and sensitive to the issues. He always got back to me with any new information or questions I had. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a lawyer who needed the best in his field."

Keri Morita


"Jerry Hiatt is the quintessential professional attorney. He is zealous in his pursuit of a solution for his client, in a detailed, diligent way. He maintains constant communication and counsel with his client. He has represented me in a complex civil litigation and I've seen him at his best in high stakes, time constrained scenarios, never losing sight of the strategy, and flexible enough to pursue opportunities as they present themselves. Jerry's knowledge of the law is matched by his grounding in practicality and sensibility through years of experience. He will guide discussions towards mutually beneficial negotiations when best, but being a successful experienced trial lawyer, he will not shy away from going to court. While utilizing a methodical approach, it is his creativity and instincts that makes him one of the best attorneys around."



"The Law Offices of Hiatt & Hiatt represented me in a multi-million dollar suit in Honolulu, Hawaii. During the very tense litigation, Mr. Hiatt and his team managed to settle my suit to my agreed terms. Mr. Hiatt takes each and single case very personal, which results in a tremendous focus to each case. Both Mr. Hiatt himself as well as his team of attorneys are always available within an hour's notice. He moves with "lighting speed", which often "puzzles" the competition. Over all, a pleasant experience and I would use the Law Offices of Hiatt and Hiatt again."



"My wife and I consulted with Mr. Hiatt on a sensitive employment matter. We were very satisfied with his work on our behalf. In addition to performing his duties, he went beyond them and helped to educate us about the process in which we were involved. We felt he was very ethical, experienced, knowledgeable and sympathetic. I wholeheartedly recommend his services. If we needed such representation again, we'd retain him again without hesitation."

Thanks again,

Larry O'Hanlon